Citrus and Cleansing

It’s January, and among other things, that means it’s citrus season. It’s also the season that many folks decide it’s a good time to do some detoxing and cleansing. With these two things in mind, I would like to offer a simple liver/gallbladder flush that will start you on your way to a great detox.…

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Medicinal Herbs

Medicines in the Kitchen

Among the cooking herbs and spices in your kitchen cabinet, there awaits some powerful medicines. Three of the most popular culinary spices are also some of the most effective medicinal herbs: Ginger, Cayenne, & Garlic. Nearly everyone has heard of using ginger ale for an upset stomach. But have you ever wondered why? It’s because…

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Root Medicine

Making Root Medicine

With the approaching Autumn, I begin to think about making “root medicine”. The flurry of summer activity is beginning to wind down, the kids are back to school and I start thinking about the coming seasons. I’m pulling “in” a bit and so are the plants. If you stop to think about a plant’s life…

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The Treasure Underfoot

You know those weeds out in the yard? Yeah, those weeds that you’ve spent the summer trying to eradicate. Those weeds that have survived the heat and lack of water, even when the lawn and garden, which you’ve pampered, watered, hoed and fertilized, persist in wilting and barely eeking out survival in South Dakota. Well…

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My Favorite Pesto

This is the time of year to harvest those lovely Basil plants you have so tenderly nursed along since Spring and turn them into the most intoxicating of toppings – Pesto! The Italian word pesto actually means “pounded” and refers to the way it was traditionally prepared before the advent of food processors. So mix…

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